Tips for Learning to Play the Piano

learning to play piano

Playing the piano is one of the best ways to refresh and relax whether you are playing as a hobby or profession. When it comes to mastery of this organ, practice is paramount. However, it can be discouraging if you keep missing the keys or can’t coordinate with the beats. Apart from luring you with its exotic sounds that bring serenity into the mind, the piano’s color can give you creativity. For example, a pink grand piano can inspire you to be creative and to become better.

Below are some tips for learning how to play the piano:

Practice Regularly

practice frequentlyThe fastest way to learn is through practice. The more you practice, the better for you to master the keys, beats, and rhythms. You can make a routine of practicing for at least twenty minutes each day. However, it is best to rest when practicing, especially if you practice for long periods to break the monotony. If possible, you can record what you are playing and listen to the recording later to gauge your progress.

Take Small Steps

Trying to master an arrangement at the first shot may be overwhelming and discouraging. You can take an arrangement in bits master one bit before moving to the next one. Work on goals and regularly evaluate your progress. You can set your own goals depending on your ability.

Listen to Many Songs

listen to musicMastering the tunes of a song, especially when you are not playing, helps you familiarize yourself with tunes. It also helps you understand where you may be going wrong and need improvement. Mastering the song in your head for the next time you’ll play opens up your mind and allows you to practice from the point of knowledge.

Practice Even Without the Piano

You can finger-train anywhere. This will make your fingers flexible and fast. Some experienced players shut their eyes and play the piano in their minds. This act is therapeutic as it improves muscle memory. Practicing away from the piano also creates a perfect warm-up for your fingers. You are likely to make more mistakes when your fingers and hands are stiff. Regular practice away from the piano will make your fingers and hand lose enough to move around easily and faster when playing the actual piano.…

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How to Choose a Guitar Instructor

guitar instructor km811

When looking for a guitar instructor, there are several things to consider. Most players understand that neither CDs nor books are useful. These materials are meant to satisfy publisher’s interest rather than that of the learner.

Publishers aim at selling the next book in the series while students aim at knowing how to play guitar. Having identified these, you are left with no choice but to look for persons possessing the guitar playing skills.

Choose a teacher not a guitarist

guitar instructor 56gtyThe common mistakes both students and teachers make is assuming that good guitarists make good teachers. This has been a myth. Well recognized guitarists in the universe make awful teachers, while the best teachers are not the best when it comes to guitar playing. This concept needs to be well understood.

Look for a system

You should look for instructors who perfectly understand the system, not those who want to teach you their way. The instructor should follow the solid system. A good system should be logical, structured, comprehensive, and progressive. The structured system will enable you to be aware of where you stand within the system, and a logical system enables you to know reasons for every scale. On the other hand, a comprehensive system includes all required materials for beginners, and the progressive system has information built upon and connected to other criteria within the system.

Find a teacher who is reliable and responsible

Be on the lookout for those instructors who prefer pay-per-lesson policies. It always an indication that a teacher is ready to miss a lesson since they are informed of how much it will cost.

Always search for teachers who charge on a monthly basis, yearly or even per session. This kind of teachers shows that they are interested in being accountable for your schedule and lessons. If a teacher is going to miss a lesson, make sure that he or she creates a make-up class.

Learn guitar first

guitar instructor k7yaFor starter guitarists, your teacher should aim at you learning how to play songs on guitar as fast as possible. Standard notation is the best way to communicate musical ideas. If you can recite your circle of the fifth and know the difference between fermata and quarter-rest but cannot play smoke on the water, then you may have a problem as a guitarist. Your teacher should explain to you all you want to learn.

Look for more than just lessons

You should actively go after teachers who offer performance opportunities like; recording sessions, guitar jams with other students, and student recitals.

If you follow the tips above you will dramatically improve your chances of being a great guitar player.…

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