Inflatable Sea Mattresses: The Ideal Solution for Pool Relaxation

sea mattress

One of the best ways to spend your free time is swimming or relaxing at the pool. It is a great way to keep yourself entertained when free. Relaxing in an inflatable mattress is a great way to enjoy yourself. This is a special type of mattress that can float on water. It has high buoyancy and is made of waterproof materials. You have to pump your inflatable mattress to use it.

Floats and Non-Floats

Floating Air Mattress

There are several models of inflatable sea mattresses with distinct characteristics in relation to the intended uses. Common types include the floating and non-floating mattress. A floating mattress can be used at sea, in a swimming pool, on the beach.

On a floating mattress, it is possible to sit comfortably on the water at the sea or a swimming pool, sipping a cocktail, reading a book, or using your smartphone without the risk of finding yourself in the water at the first wave or movement. When these mattresses are used out of the water, they are not as comfortable as those made explicitly for land use. Their internal structure is different, but their external surface is also distinct.

Non-Floating Air Mattress

Due to their characteristics, non-floating inflatable sea mattresses are not usable in water (but sometimes they are also used in water, against the manufacturer’s instructions). This specific type of mattress is widely used on the beach, indoors, or for camping. Usually, these are thicker mattresses, made with more air chambers, and covered with a flocked material. Unlike the former, they are inflated with a foot pump.

The Materials

The first thing to consider is what materials the beach mattress is made of. In the case of these mattresses, the materials play a fundamental role, as they can significantly influence the quality and duration of the mattress. In most cases, they are made of treated rubber or resistant vinyl, absolutely very resistant materials that guarantee absolute reliability.

The Inflation Systems

Regarding their inflation, there are two types of mattresses: models with manual inflation systems and those with automatic inflation systems. The former swell in the traditional way (by mouth) or with small manual pumps.

On the other hand, the latter has an automatic electric pump, external or incorporated. Of course, the type of inflation choice depends on where you want to use the mattress since the automated systems work with 220V electricity and need a power outlet to work. These mattresses are very affordable, so you should not be afraid to buy them for your relaxation.…

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