How to Never Let a Phone Die Ever

fast charging usb cable

A phone without a charge is a brick, and you cannot do anything with it. You can be holding a thousand-dollar phone and not have any help. People who have been in a situation where their phone died on them at a critical time know the disappointment and feeling of desperation first hand.

You do not have to let the unfortunate event happen to you. Some of the necessities to prevent such a situation include preparing adequately about the day ahead and factoring in possible emergencies. The following tips will help you be on the safe side irrespective of the occasion, and your phone will not die on you.

Invest In a Fast-Charging USB Cable

 a smartphone and a usb cable

Other than the charger and the adapter, you also need a separate high quality and high performing USB cable. The reason is to take advantage of other alternative power sources. For instance, cars have USB hubs for charging, and you might be in the car for only a few minutes.

A fast charging usb cable will allow you to make the most out of the chance given to you by fate. You can use the cable with your laptop or get a power bank. The fast charging option will save you several minutes, and that can make a difference to whether you are missing a flight or an important date.

Invest In a Good Charger

A fast charger is an excellent arsenal because it will let you keep the necessary charge in your phone until you can get ample time to leave the phone plugged into a wall socket for a longer time. Try and invest in a great charger with fast charging capabilities so that you can make use of the two or three minutes you are in a caf, a friend’s residence, or a waiting bay with wall sockets. Other people will wish they had the same, and they will only look at you and envy your luck.

Make It a Habit to Carry a Travel Adapter

Travel from one city to another with a travel adapter should be a crime currently. The reason is that you might find your charger not compatible with a mains power source at a given establishment. You should also go for an adapter that can let you convert one socket into several so that you could plug both your phone and other gadgets. You should not let the option to add some juice into the phone go because you have no means of utilizing it.

Avoid Heavy Phone Use

Keep your GPS and Bluetooth connection off for the periods your phone is in the pocket or purse. These radio signals take a lot of battery power, and you should use them for only essential services. Consider checking your maps, or playing music via Bluetooth when the phone is connecting to a power source.

Otherwise, find alternatives such as having your music in a USB drive and plugging in into your car stereo. For maps and other GPS applications, you might want to check them before leaving the house. Avoid watching video while you are outside because it too can be a significant battery drainer.…

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